Custom Workouts

Workouts Created Just For You.

Custom Workouts

Workouts Created Just for You.

Schedule your

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to discuss your goals and we will get you on the right program option!

Custom Workout Programming


Well… I write your workouts for you!! No cookie cutter approach, everything is customized for what you’re looking for to set you up for success. All you have to do is follow along!

  • Don’t live near Edge Body or in Omaha
  • Always wanted to run a 5k, but not sure how to train?
  • At a standard gym, but not sure what routine/exercises to follow?
  • Want to workout at-home?

No problem! Missy’s got you covered! Signing up for custom workout programming gets you the workouts you need to reach your goals, IN the space where you need it. 

You need some strength training in your life even if you don’t think you do! Adding more strength training will help you lose weight, increase strength, improve confidence and lower your overall body fat percentage! Plus, Missy takes the intimidation factor out of lifting and customizes the workouts to your needs and personality. She also takes the guess work out and includes video demo’s so you feel coached even if she’s not in the room with you.


You’ll receive a month’s worth of custom workouts based on your fitness goals, current fitness level, time allotted, & space/equipment available. Everything is customized based on YOU, even down to the time or days you want to work out. Workouts are available through interactive software that emails you the night before and allows you to track your progress and chat with Missy!