Mindset Course

Behaviors Change When The Mindset Changes.

Have You Tried...

So, what is Mindset?

It is definitely a buzz word. So what does it mean? By definition mindset is the established set of attitudes held by someone. Translation? It’s what you believe about yourself and/or your situation. Sometimes we need to start our health journey here before diving into tracking food or starting a new exercise routine. It’s here, with-in our own mindset, that we truly can change our health behaviors for good!

So have you tried 100 diets? Worked with several coaches, but still not where you want to be? Or maybe you are just so frustrated that you don’t know where to start??

THIS and so many more reasons are why I developed the MH Mindset Coaching course. In 8-weeks we will dig into your Enneagram number, your childhood limiting beliefs, self-talk, and your self-worth and how ALL of that plays into the decisions you make and how you take care of yourself. Digging into these things will leave you loving yourself a little more, and setting you up for more success with living a healthy lifestyle.

Moral of the story? If you’ve struggled sticking with programs in the past, Missy recommends this as a first step to making positive changes and living the healthy lifestyle you’re wanting!

Why wait? let’s rock it!

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